TekLoad™ TL1000

Material Specification

(Typical Properties)


TekLoad™ TL1000 Fibre Reinforced Load Bearing Pads are manufactured using recycled high-quality tyres resulting in an economical and environmentally friendly product. The fully vulcanised rubber has inclusion of majorly dispersed fibre creating a unique compound that exhibits outstanding strength and durability.
TekLoad™ TL1000 can withstand harsh conditions like exposure to ozone and low temperatures. This product is commonly used in construction applications, prestress concrete bridges, buildings, machinery and equipment foundations.



Bearing pads have a range of applications and are commonly used as handrail bearing pads, lighting standard pad seats, vibration isolation, railway tie pads and in bridge bearing masonry along with other applications. If you are unsure whether this product is right for you, feel free to give us a call on 0800 6444 949 and discuss your requirements with one of our experts.



The material is reinforced with synthetic fibre during the construction process of the sheet, increasing internal strength considerably. This unique process adds enhanced levels of tensile and compression strength, durability, tear resistance, stiffness and superior weather and ozone resistance. This could not be achieved without the fibre reinforcement.

Technical Data

Physical Properties Test Method Specification of TekLoad™ TL1000 Bearing Pads
Tensile Strength, Min ASTM D412, Die C MD: 5.2 Mpa MD: 754 PSI
Tear Strength, Min ASTM D624, Die B

MD: 26.4 kN/m

TD: 52.5 kN/m

MD: 150 PI M

TD: 300 PI

Elongation, %, Min ASTM D412, Die C

MD: 15

TD: 40

Hardness, Shore A ASTM D2240 80 ±5
Specific Gravity ASTM D297 sec. 16.3 N/A
Ozone Resistance ASTM D518 “B” Application Specific
Low Temperature Resistance ASTM D2137 at -40°C Pass
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D1894 >0.8
Physical Properties (Heat Aged) TEST METHOD
ASTM D573, 70H at 70°C
Tensile Strength, Changed %, Max ASTM D412, Die C ±25
Elongation, Changed %, Max ASTM D412, Die C ±25
Hardness, Changed Pts Max. ASTM D2240 ±10
Maximum Load (PSI)   1000



Load Deflection

Disclaimer. These figures are typical values for the material and do not represent a product specification. Properties will vary depending on source of raw material, method of processing, physical from of product, direction of measurement etc.

Updated 17/06/2020